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*Need to complete and maintain memorials related to Scheduled Castes Community too – NSCA*

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Chandigarh, December 30 – The National Scheduled Castes Alliance, a
socio-political organization for the development and upliftment of the
Scheduled Castes community, today appreciated the sanction of Rs 100 for
development of religious and heritage memorials  in Punjab.

President of the Alliance, Paramjit Singh Kainth praised the efforts to
develop and maintain the memorials of importance in Punjab’s
socio-religious culture. Memorials like Fatehgarh Sahib, Chamkaur Sahib,
Khatkar Kalan etc are a part of the initiative.

Kainth said “Such efforts are worth praising but something that has been
constantly ignored by the government is that many such memorials of
importance for the Scheduled Castes community have been left unfinished or
not maintained regularly by the State Government. A memorial like
Minar-e-Begumpura at Shri Khuralgarh Sahib has been lying unfinished by the
State Government; this place has immediate importance for the Scheduled
Castes community because Shri Guru Ravidass visited the place. Foundation
stone laid down in 2016, the memorial has been completely ignored by the

He said “We appreciate every effort of the Government to work for the
development. The memorial at Shri Khuralgarh Sahib, started by the
initiative of the previous government has been sidelined completely by the
current Captain Amrinder led Congress Government. This memorial has a great
value to the Scheduled Castes community and it is a matter of prestige for
the community.”

“The Government has been apprehensive about Scheduled Castes issues in the
State as of late but this attitude of the government is not one that will
be in the best interest of the State. Scheduled Castes community comprises
of approx 40% population of the State and the Government has been ignorant
and careless addressing the issues of such large group.” Kainth said.

“MLA’s and MP’s of the Scheduled Castes community have been careless in
their actions also and they are not doing anything to protect the interests
and issues relating to the community. The State Government has still not
even elected the Chairman and members of the State Scheduled Castes
Commission and also recent cases of assault, rape, murder of people
relating to the community are yet to be solved and injustice is being met
out to the victims.”

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