If you do not obey the demands, you will intensify the struggle


If you do not obey the demands, you will intensify the struggle

Mansa June 24 (Sandhu) On Sunday, June 21, the ETT after conducting its manga demonstration at a water tank at Suhana Sahib Mohali. An important meeting of Mansa, the district unit of the Tate Pass Unemployed Teachers Union, was held at Bal Bhawan Mansa. Deepa Aman Mansa, member of the state committee of the organization, while briefing everyone about the Suhaana action, defied the flaws in the struggle. Addressing the meeting, district leader Baga Khudal said that the government could not suppress the voice of the unemployed by resorting to police administration. Bagga took the government firmly, stating that if the government does not maintain a liaison with the union of recruitment of around 15,000 ETT teachers, unemployed teachers will not hesitate to take action in the next few days. Apart from the above, Manpreet Singh, Gagandeep Singh, Harpreet Singh, Monty, Virender Singh, Sukhbir Singh, Pawanpreet Kaur, Sukhbir Kaur, Pramjit Singh, Rajind Members of RA Singh, Gurpreet Singh, Ravi, Gurbir Singh and others were present


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