Police recovered 475 harassed liquor


Police recovered 475 harassed liquor

Mashiwara Sahib June 30 Sushil Sharma last night during a blockade by local police
475 of them managed to drive a car and succeeded in illicit liquor
Informed the local food chief, Surinder Pal Singh.
That Thanedar Man Singh visited the village Garhi Targhana on the banks of Sirhind Canal last night.
Was suspected to have a Tata 407 train number PB11A when in doubt
In search of 8792 stopped and 475 petals of illegal liquor were recovered.
While the Tempu driver was identified as Jaswinder Singh’s son Bant Singh, resident of Kakralla village.
The local police have filed a letter under the Excise Act, taking further action.
Has started
Liquor is being supplied in Punjab without labels

Last night, 475 petals of alcohol were seized by the local police.
The reason for this is neither the name of the alcohol is known nor the manufacturer
The distillery’s address location is located in large numbers without labels.
Excise department performance has also come under suspicion due to alcohol consumption
Home police have registered a leaflet on a tapped driver, but Sutra says
This driver belongs to a poor dalit family and lives on his own
It may be a liquor contractor


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