Get a free milk test at the Dairy Department Offices and Training Centers


Get a free milk test at the Dairy Department Offices and Training Centers

Ludhiana 30 Jun (000) – Punjab Dairy Development Board under Mission Healthy Punjab
Is committed to providing people with safe and pure milk. Now Punjab
Any citizen at the Dairy Development Board’s offices and training centers
From 11 am to 11 pm daily milk can be checked.
Dairy Department Offices & Training in all the Districts of Punjab
The centers will be applicable and the officers concerned are advised to increase
More than one milk sample should be inspected and a report was sent to headquarters
Should be sent to. The Dairy Department office at Ludhiana is located at 598-L, Model Town.
Where interested individuals can get their milk tested.
Giving this information, Deputy Director Dairy Department, Sh. Dilbag Singh Hans
Reported that the officers concerned were already at the State Food and Drug Laboratory
Milk screening training has been provided. He said that the department
People go to the villages for milk, milk products and other livestock.
All the information about care is provided. He said that the department has made every effort
A two-week training course is also offered every month and in which the aspirants can
Women and men can take part and then give them certificates
He said that besides the camps and seminars organized by the department
During Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Ludhiana and Dairy
Department of Development Punjab specializes in milk and milk products
Detailed information on the topics is given. Which includes milk camps,
Punjab Government for Food Safety Act, Milk Standards and Dairy Farming
People are informed about the schemes being implemented.
Sh. Hans said that the Dairy Department Mission in a healthy Punjab under Ludhiana district.
About testing people’s milk, providing clean milk and the benefits of it
Commitment to Awareness • Concept. He appealed to the people if they would
It looks like there is a combination of milk or milk products in any place.
So they can bring it to their attention immediately.
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