Education Minister assures to comply with demands – Kamboj



Education Minister assures to comply with demands – Kamboj

An important meeting of Chandigarh 5 Julali (Sandhu) ETT Tat Pass Union Punjab (6505) was held at Punjab Bhawan with Education Minister Punjab Mr. Soni ji under the leadership of Punjab President Amarjit Singh Kamboj. The meeting discussed in detail the demands of the TATP teachers. The meeting demanded that the TAT PASS teachers be completed in September 2018 to complete all departmental work before the month of September. Be sure that the teachers who are completing the test call will not be disturbed on a regular basis. Talking about their replacement in their districts, who have been working remotely in different districts, the minister said that the process of shifting will be started soon. The tracts on militant workers struggling during the unemployment are canceled. After that, the decision of the Hon’ble Supreme Court on the lines of doctors with the education minister was equal to the decision of equal pay. Assault got highly demanding implementation. At the end of the meeting, the demand for the old pension scheme was restored. On this occasion, the union president, Kamboj, while talking to reporters along with colleagues, said that the meeting was attended by the education minister, Mr APSoni, from the FTT Punjab Pass (PAT). 6505) All positive demands were answered positively and assured to resolve all demands soon. Union leaders Kulwinder Singh Patiala, Sandeep Vinayak Jira, Sarabjit Singh Bhavara, Gurpreet Morinda, Manpreet Singh Bangi, Sajan Fazila, Ravinder Singh Jodhpur, Amarinder Singh, Anil Kumar.


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