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Drugs are eating away at our society – NP Singh


Drugs are eating away at our society – NP Singh

Guru Harshah, July 7 (Sandhu) Students and students of the imposing government secondary school run a marathon run by Madam Neelam Honda, in charge of mobilizing the government against drugs. A total of four groups, comprising students from sixth to tenth grades, ran 5km and students 3km, while eleventh and twelfth students ran marathons up to 6km and students up to 4km. The first of these four different groups awarded the second and third place students and students. Principal Narendrapal Singh reached the top to distribute the prizes at a simple but effective prize distribution ceremony, which promoted the creation of a drug free society and said that drugs were eating away at our society. On the occasion Madam Rajni Bala, Lakhvir Singh, Madam Seema Rani, Madam Geeta Rani, Rajiv Kumar, Ravi Kant, Madam Sham Devi, Madam Rekha Rani, Hardik, Madam Sarabjit Kamboj, Madam Harvinder Madam Poor, Madan, Madam All school teachers including Poonam Rani and Satvir Singh were present.


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