If the demands are not met then we will go to the High Court – Munish


If the demands are not met then we will go to the High Court – Munish

Chandigarh, July 31 (Sandhu) – Unemployed teachers, along with Mr. Krishna Kumar, have demanded justice that the candidates who passed the PSAT-1 Revised Result of 2013 declared by SCERT on June 13, 2018 will be sent to ETT. 4500 and 2005 on the basis of merit created in Posta. The unemployed teachers have submitted a letter of application to the Education Secretary in addition to the Degree Degree. P Come on. Elementary Inderjit Singh and the chairman of the recruitment board also made their demands known and said that as the candidates passed in the TAT-2 revision result was considered through the public notice in the post BD6060, we should be given the right to become ours. The unemployed leader, Manish, told reporters after the meeting that, if his issue was not taken into consideration at the meeting of the officials on August 16, he would seek the support of an honorable high court. Manish Kumar, Sandeep Singh, Maninder Singh, Asif Ali, Bhola Singh, Mohammad Qajari, Satnam Singh, Balwant Singh and Gursewak Singh were present on the occasion.


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