Wake march in village Chauhapur Marais refutes government policies



Wake march in village Chauhapur Marais refutes government policies

Patiala November 27 (Kedip Phina) unemployed ETT The 10th day of the Tat Pass Teachers’ Union’s permanent waterfalls, where the preparations were made to intensify the peaceful waterfalls, ended today by the union marching in the village of Chauhapur Marasian.
The recruitment of unemployed ETT teachers at Patiala-Sangrur Road and Mahmudpur Mandi continued for the 10th day. As per the daily strike, five members of the union were killed in the hunger strike today.
The Patiala administration had given the meeting time to the organization yesterday, after which the leaders of the meeting waited for hours after the meeting got frustrated. Unhappy with such government behavior, the union has begun preparations to intensify the peaceful struggle. Prior to the intensifying conflict strategy, union leaders were greeted and greeted by Gurdwara Parmeshwar.
At the end of the day, the unemployed teacher holds a candle in his hand and holds a wake march in the village of Chauhanpur. During which the villagers were made aware of the anti-people policies of the government, they were advised to vote thoughtfully in the coming elections. In addition to the union leaders in March, wise citizens of the village also addressed the young people to take up the path of struggle for rights.
Presiding over the dharna are Deepak Kamboj, Patron Deep Aman Mansa, Nirmal Jira, Secretary Gurpreet Goraya, Amandeep Sagu, Gurjant Patiala, Suman Bajaj, Sunita, Sonia, Surjit Singh, Harbans Patiala, Parminder Singh.


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