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Woman’s blacksmith celebrated at Government Primary School Louth

Woman’s blacksmith celebrated at Government Primary School Louth

Ferozepur January 11 (Fina) In celebration of Lohri, the school chief, Mrs. Seema Rani, told the children about the story of Lohti Bhatti related to Lohri. On this occasion, Sukhwinder Singh Bhullar, the teacher, told the children about moral values ​​and asked them to respect their parents and teachers. On this occasion, at a place celebrating the blacksmith, a fire was thrown at it and all the school staff and villagers, including Silas, Riyadis, were also set on fire by the villagers. The school children sang children songs, poems and folk songs from Kishan, Lovepreet, Sukhchen, Dimple, Archana, Sarutti, Sania etc. The residents of the village thanked the teacher Rajesh Kumar on this occasion.

Among others present on the occasion were teacher Meena Rani, Nisha, Usha, Praveen Cook-cum-Helper, Mesha, Vijay, Lucky etc.

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