Preparations for the protest rally of Amritsar on January 22 in district and education minister’s constituency



Preparations for the protest rally of Amritsar on January 22 in district and education minister’s constituency

Ferozepur January 20 (Fina) Teachers’ Conflict Committee The important meeting of Ferozepur was held at Saraghai Sahib, Gurdwara in the local city. On this occasion, the teacher leaders said that on October 3, the Punjab Government had directed the SC. S A / Ramsa and Adarsh ​​/ Model Schools: Leaders of the struggle Hardeep Todarpura, Harjit Harjat Harjit, Harjit Kharaj, Hargat Kharag, and the leaders of the struggle to get 75% deductions on the existing salaries and cut back on the existing salaries. Deedar Mudaki was dismissed from the job as per the directives of the Director General Education Punjab, which made the teachers’ anger in Punjab very angry. Hostages teachers struggle committee was formed to counter the teacher was united against this oppression overall movement of teachers and the state decided datana against destructive decisions and government repression! Giving this information, the leader said that the Punjab Government has given the information to S.S. S A / Ramsa teachers are being subjected to continuous repression, wherein they have previously issued a policy killing order to cut 75% of the existing teachers’ salaries for the current salary, then disobey the decree. Forced to shift 200-300 km away and tried to suppress the struggle by suspending the teachers ‘leaders who led the struggle against the oppression, but the teachers’ struggle lasted 56 days. Patiala continued as a dharna, which came to an end in the dharna and the decision was taken by the Minister of Education on December 1 to immediately cancel the suspension and suspension of teachers and to cut the salaries of teachers and schedule a panel meeting with the Chief Minister. But instead of fulfilling the announcement made 46 days later, the Punjab Government has issued a decree to terminate the services of the five teachers. He said that teachers were not getting salaries for the last eight months which is very bad, given that teachers are not getting paid for the last 8 months due to creating an atmosphere of terror in the classroom. On the Education Secretary and Education Minister, the teacher leader said that instead of conducting the process of cancellation and suspension of teachers as per the announcement made by the Education Minister, the teachers have listened to the objections of the teachers. Against this authoritarian decision of the Punjab government in the category, 5178 teachers who have completed their tenure should not be allowed Regi-Re and regular long-term salaried employees have been arrested, where protests are being staged all over Punjab, on the 22nd of January, against the Ferozepur government in the Punjab and Dhirosi districts of Ferozepur district. Minister’s effigy will go to Yukiya and on January 27, a large number of teachers will take them to the teacher’s house next to the Amritsar Education Minister’s house. The response to the atrocities committed is complete preparations throughout the district, and the duties of the teacher leaders are in full swing. The leaders said that a large number of teachers from Ferozepur would leave for Amritsar to demolish the house of the Minister. On this occasion, teacher leaders Harjinder Honda, Neeraj Yadav, Parmjit Singhji, Pramjit Singh Gram Singh Singh Sukhjinder Singh Khanpuria, Malkit Singh Haraj, Sarabjit Singh Bhavara, Amandeep Singh Jahl, Jagsir Singh Sandhu, Sarabjit Singh Dhaliwal, Gurmej Singh Khanga etc. Leaders were present in


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