EVMs and VVPet training camps



EVMs and VVPet training camps

Ferozepur March 15 (Phina) as per the directions of the Election Commission keeping in view the Lok Sabha elections to be held in Punjab on May 19 and under the direction of Mr. Amit Kumar, Election Registration Officer, 076 Vidhan Sabha constituency Ferozepur Urban. All Sector Officers and Booth Level Officers of Ferozepur Urban have been given a second training camp on EVMs and VVPETs. The said sector officers and booth level officers during training that the information machines in the training being provided by the master trainers and iviaima vivipaita. They said that E.V. The main purpose of M and VVPat is to build a strong belief in the voters, VVPat makes it clear to the voters that the candidate they voted for has read the same candidate. The confidence of democracy within will be strengthened. Amit Kumar said that EVMs and VVPet teams have been set up to visit all the booths of Vidhan Sabha Ferozepur city. Are training to vote by the above machines. On this occasion, Master Trainer Sardar Balkar Singh and the entire team explained how to use the VVPat EVM machine during training. He explained that VVPAT with EVM machine Has been used, in which a voter’s 7 second slip will appear on the VVPat screen after the voter has voted. He said that the voters and voters should be aware of their booths along with their identity card at the time of voting on the day of voting. Junior assistants, Harish Kumar, Samsher Singh, Sarabjit Singh, Sunil Kamboj, Surinder Singh, Harmanpreet Singh, Suresh Kumar were present on the training team.

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