Doctors belonging to the rural area of ​​Block Mahil Kalan would provide free medical services in the struggle of the farmers. Kalsan, Dr. shapa


Mahil Kalan (Kuldeep Gohal, Mintu Khurmi) A special meeting of Medical Practitioners Association Punjab (Reg: 295) Block Mahil Kalan was held today. Presided over by Jagjit Singh Kalsan at Mahil Kalan. In which State Senior Vice President Dr. Mithu Mohammad, District Committee Member Dr. Kesar Khan, Block Secretary Dr. Surjit Singh Chapa, Finance Secretary Dr. Sukhwinder Singh Bapla, Chairman Dr. Balihar Singh Gobindgarh, Senior Vice President Dr. Sukhwinder Singh Thuliwal, Vice President Dr. Nahar Singh, Press Secretary Dr. Jasbir Singh, ‘Dr. Gurwinder Singh Guri, Dr. Shakeel Bapla, Dr. Mukal Sharma, Dr. Baldev Singh Lohgarh, Dr. Parminder Singh Gobindgarh, Dr. Gurcharan Das, Dr. Sukhpal Singh, Dr. Dharwinder Singh etc. were present.
Addressing the meeting, the leaders said that as per the guidelines of the state president Dr. Ramesh Kumar Bali, and the state committee against the agriculture ordinances passed by the central government, a large-scale free medical camp was organized by the Medical Practitioners Association. Full support is being provided.
In the same vein, Block Mahil Kalan also pledged to stand shoulder to shoulder with all the office bearers and members of Medical Practitioners Association Block Mahil Kalan in this gathering of thousands on September 25 by organizing a free medical camp. Will provide basic health services.


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