The concept of building a university in the name of Shaheed Om Singh – Randhir Clare.


The concept of building a university in the name of Shaheed Om Singh – Randhir Clare.

June 22 (Harvinderpal Rishi) with Sahid Yuhm Singh tsunam there.
Claire named after her martyr – Azam Sardar Om Singh –
Singh Wala University has been set up. He has made India work for this purpose
Reaching the Union Ministers of Central and Punjab to accomplish this great task
Demand is kept. S. Clare said that the country jumped in the slogan of freedom
So far only the memorial to this great title horse of the oncoming Malwa
Has been done. It’s not enough to celebrate martyrdom or birth day in memory of Shaheed Om Singh
But it needs to be eternally commemorated in memory of that great horse that
May be the light for generations to come. At the tsunami
With the establishment of the University, not only the world remembered by Shaheed Om Singh
But it will help the students of the area to get higher education.
Will also have the opportunity. Claire said he had resolved to be a great martyr
Sh. Political in the area to establish a university in memory of Om Singh
, Religious and social organizations will do their best. For this
He was accompanied by senior officials of Punjab Government and Government of India
The ministers have been constituted and the higher authorities have fulfilled this task
Have also been given the confidence to do so. He said that this great task can be accomplished
So if the residents of the area make up their opinion and collectively support them
By completing this task soon, we were able to pay homage to Om Singh.
We can


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